Chapter Sixteen

1. Corax – First level Mithras initiate.

2. During the Mithraist ceremony the Pater delivers a sermon.  It includes phrases such as, “Give ear to me, hearken to me, O Lord, you who have bound together with your breath the fiery bars of the fourfold root, O Fire-Walker, Pentiteroyni, Light-Maker, Semesilam, Fire-Breather, Psyrinphey, Fire-Feeler, Iao, Light-Breather” and “eeo oeeo ioo oe eeo eeo oe eo ioo,” an ecstatic liturgy that includes speaking in tongues.

The liturgy is taken almost verbatim, with just a couple of minor edits, from fragments of an actual Mithras Liturgy – from the Paris Codex, Edited and Translated by Marvin W. Meyer.