Bottle and Glass – The Site-Specific Play

bgglassYour favourite historical novel set in the inns and taverns of 1814 Kingston, entitled Bottle and Glass, is now an immersive, site-specific play.  

The inaugural, “proof of concept” run took place during Kingston WritersFest 2016 and was a sold out smash hit.  Work has already begun on the expanded, full run, 2.0 version.  We hope to hit the streets and the bars again in the Spring of 2018. 

From the WritersFest brochure:


Performance meets pub-crawl in this incredible theatrical adaptation of local author Morgan Wade‘s historical fiction Bottle & Glass. Follow the fortunes of Jeremy Castor and his cousin, Merit Davey, two young men snatched from the Cornish coast by the Royal Navy in the summer of 1813. They’ve arrived in Kingston, a town tense with the fear and deprivation of war. Paid, pent, and thirsty, their first riotous night ashore is spent at a tavern, the novel’s namesake, Violin, Bottle, and Glass. Audience members will pursue the story through the streets and pubs of Kingston, drinking along with the characters and experiencing the city’s history like never before.  


Adaptation by Morgan Wade/Direction by Brett Christopher & Liam Karry


a Theatre Kingston production/a co-presentation of Kingston WritersFest and Theatre Kingston



Read the Peter Hendra preview here:  


Cast and crew of Bottle and Glass – The Play. Click to see the full-sized image.

Cast and crew of Bottle and Glass – The Play. Click to see the full-sized image.

The wonderful cast and crew of the first run of Bottle and Glass – The Play Back row (l to r): Nikola Bennet, Alysse Szatkowski, Colby Currie, Jeremy Settle, Liam Collins, Dave Hudson, Clayton Garrett, John Geddes, Adam Davidson-Harden, Cassel Miles, Dan Walmsely, Rob Smith, Tim Duncan, Huw Davis Front row (l to r): Brett Christopher, Callum Lurie, Nicole Garrett, Krista Garrett    



Click here to view a collection of images taken from the initial run: