Bee’s Knees

I often refer to my son Griffin as the bee’s knees.

This, understandably, causes some confusion.  What exactly is meant by comparing someone to the knees of a bee?  Is it good or bad?  A compliment or an insult?  This poem, The Bee’s Knees, is my attempt at some explanation.

The Bee’s Knees -Version 1.0 (Text of the current paperback)

The Bee’s Knees – Version 2.0 (Extended play, for slightly older audience – paperback version forthcoming)

Kingston-based illustrator Nick Csernak ( has created a series of fun and lively drawings to accompany the poem and they are now published in a full-colour paperback.  The book can be purchased from, in either paper or digital format.

We depend upon bees to pollinate flowers and crops – they are a vital member of our ecosystem.  But around the world, bee populations are in decline, primarily due to pesticide use and habitat destruction.   A dollar from each purchased copy of the book “You’re The Bees Knees” will be donated to associations dedicated to preserving global bee populations.  Bees Without Borders has been selected as the recipient charity.  Go to for more information.

To view and purchase the book from