Chapter Twenty

1. “Pax tibi sit quicunque Dei penetralia Christi, pectore pacifico candidus ingrederis.”  

“Peace be to thee whoever enterest with pure and gentle heart into the sanctuary of Christ God.”

 Prayer said or written on entry into a domus Dei, domus orationis (the house of God, the house of prayer).

2. Mulsum – cheap wine sweetened with honey.

3. Sura says, “The priest announced that the attacks on Rome were the beginning of the end, the first blow of a final battle between good and evil, that the good citizens of this city should now do their part.”

Anticipating a final battle between good and evil is a central tenet of Mithraism.

4. Pilus Posterior – Lead centurion of the 2nd Century of the 5th Cohort of a legion.  Ranking tenth officer in the hierarchy of a Legion,