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A great review of Bottle and Glass in the Thursday, Oct. 8th edition of the Kingston Heritage by Mark Bergin.

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Bergin writes,


You couldn’t ask for a better hook or promo line than Morgan Wade’s one-sentence synopsis for his new novel:


“Bottle & Glass – a story of survival and escape told from the barstools of two dozen boisterous Kingston taverns at the end of the War of 1812.”


That pretty well gives you an idea of what’s to come…and the opening line?  It’s a gem:


“Glasses and bottles trembled.”


The tone is set.  Wade lets the reader know up front that it’s going to be an interesting ride in this piece of history.


Throughout the book, there are good hooks teasing the reader’s interest.


In Chapter Ten – Violin, Bottle, and Glass – the descriptions are vivid and the observations astute.


The description: “the atmosphere was soupy inside Mr. Poncet’s tavern, at the sign of the Violin, Bottle, and Glass, at the edge of Sir John’s Park:  thick with sweat, breath, and desire.”


The observation:  “The bored needed distraction.”


This is a storyteller who knows how to write.


Here is the full first page of Bergin’s article:

And the second:

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