"Paper & Rags - Kingston Launch Dec. 8th!"

Upstairs at the Kingston Brew Pub, 2PM - 4PM

Rags! Rags! Paper and Rags!

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Paper and Rags, sequel to Bottle and Glass, is set to launch in Kingston on Sunday, Dec. 8th, 2PM-4PM at the Kingston Brew Pub.  A Toronto launch is taking place on Sunday, Nov. 10th, 2:30PM – 4:30PM at the Supermarket Restaurant and Bar in Kensington Market.

As a special lead-in to the launch, I plan to make paper in the old-fashioned way, by hand, from cotton and linen rags provided by friends, family, readers, writers – anyone who is interested. Once I have a stack of paper made, Vincent Perez of Everlovin’ Press, using a traditional letterpress, will print a new, commemorative front page of the first Kingston Gazette (Sept. 25th 1810 – a paper copy of this edition no longer exists – see below for more info). If all goes well, I’ll have these freshly printed Gazettes available at the launch alongside the book: free with a copy of Paper and Rags, or $10 without, until supplies last.

Please send me token pieces of your (clean!) rags, clothing scraps, discarded paper, anything that is cotton, linen, or recyclable RagsRags1paper, preferably un-dyed. For example, you might send a fragment of a tattered t-shirt from a favourite vacation, or a portion of an outgrown baby blanket, or a favourite poem on yellowed paper, or an old love letter. You get the idea. Items with historical or personal relevance are most welcome. The more meaningful the component parts, the richer the provenance of the resulting paper. When making your contribution, I encourage you to include a note indicating the significance of your contribution. And please indicate whether you are interested in purchasing the finished product so that I know how many to make. All those who pre-order will find their names somewhere in the commemorative text of the newspaper.

Please make your contribution before Oct. 20th to allow enough time for processing.

I will send out updates in the coming weeks, including more details of the actual book launch. Please forward to anyone who might be interested and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


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Reading at Novel Idea – April 21st

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thtmc_fcI’ll be reading at Novel Idea on April 21st, from 6PM to 8PM, with my friend Bruce Geddes.  He’ll read from his newly launched novel, The Higher The Monkey Climbs.  I’ll talk about my work in progress, a follow up to Bottle and Glass, and read an excerpt or two, to prove I’m still plugging away and haven’t given up.
I’ve known Bruce since 2008 when we both attended the Humber College Creative Writing program.  Over the years we’ve exchanged manuscripts and given each other feedback on our ongoing projects.  He’s always given me very honest, insightful, and useful comments.  Hopefully I’ve done the same for him!  However, over these 10 years we’ve never met face to face.  So, it will be fun to finally meet him and hear him read in person.


Join us for wine, cheese, desserts, and a bit of new fiction!


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Beware of false news!

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FakeNewsI’ve been reading about the events leading up to the Glorious Revolution and the overthrow of James II from the throne.  What’s great is that you can read issues of the London Gazette from that time and follow the events as they happened (some digital versions are easier to read than others).  In the October 29, 1688 issue I came across this interesting warning against fake news.  The preoccupations of would-be tyrants 350 years ago seem no different than those of today.  In the words of David Byrne, same as it ever was.   

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Bottle and Glass – Free Kindle Download – Dec 8-9

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The Bottle and Glass e-book will be free for download from Amazon on Dec. 8-9:


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The Last Stoic – Free Kindle Download – Dec. 6-7

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The Last Stoic e-book will be free for download from Amazon on Dec. 6-7:



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