Favourite Links

Writing Links


The Writer’s Union of Canada – http://www.writersunion.ca/index.asp

The Canadian Author’s Association – http://www.canauthors.org/

Kingston Art’s Council – http://www.artskingston.com/

Humber School Creative Writing Program – http://www.humber.ca/program/12231

Independent Author’s Guild – http://www.independentauthorsguild.com/index.htm

PoemShape (website run by the “Vermont Poet”, Patrick Gillespie, an excellent resource for all things poetic, including lush poetry by Gillespie himself) – http://poemshape.wordpress.com/




Hidden Brook Press – http://www.hiddenbrookpress.com/HBP.html

Apple Valley Review (a online literary journal run by friend and fellow Kingstonian, Leah Browning) – http://www.applevalleyreview.com/




Helen Humphreys (a Kingstonian) – http://www.hhumphreys.com/

Steven Heighton (a Kingstonian) – http://www.stevenheighton.com/

Leanne Lieberman (a Kingstonian, and next door neighbour) – http://www.leannelieberman.com/

David Anderson (David first encouraged me to take writing seriously.  After a successful teaching career he has now thrown himself into the writing of murder mysteries.) http://www.nicholasdrumm.com/