Bottle and Glass officially launched

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jailhouseBottle and Glass was officially launched on October 4th, 2015 at the Jailhouse Tavern and Inn in Cobourg, Ontario.  It was yet another fitting venue for a launch.  The old jail was built at the turn of the last century and refitted as a tavern at the turn of this century.  Lots of history and character, imposing stone and brick walls, and quality draft beer.  Apparently its extensive rooms and passageways form “a hub of paranormal activity.”  On this occasion, characters from Bottle and Glass did not materialize from the shadows, which is probably just as well since there wouldn’t have been room.

I had the honour and pleasure of presenting the novel along with five other authors launching their own work.  I thoroughly enjoyed their readings and I’m looking forward to exploring their books.

Felicity Sidnell Reid read from Alone: A Winter in the Woods and her excerpt immediately evoked the end of the 18th century in rural Ontario with all of its fears and challenges.  I’m keen to read this historical fiction set in a similar time and place as Bottle and Glass.

Brian Way entertained and engaged, reciting poetry from his collection redirection, singing parts of his ragtime-y, beat-like “Metro” and amusing with his series of sonnets dedicated to various Prime Ministers.

James Ronson intrigued with a fast-paced reading from his gritty, contemporary crime drama Power and Possessions.

David Pratt moved us with touching poems from his collection Apprehensions of Van Gogh: Selected Poems, 1960 – 2014, delivering them with a rich, measured cadence, evoking war poets such as Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, and Robert Graves.

Jim Christy read from his collection of absurdist short stories Bad Day For Ralphie and had us laughing at his equally absurd anecdotes.

I recommend that you check out any or all of these titles, they all promise a good read and I’m pleased to be part of the same North Shore Series 8.

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