Chapter 16 – Old Sam’s

Indians were employed to intercept deserters in the woods – “Three or four of the Glengarry regiment, who had been shot in the woods by the Indians, lay extended on the ground; one of them had received a ball in the breast while in the act of kneeling and aiming his musket; and his death had been so instantaneous that he became stiff in that position, his arms being extended and one knee bent; probably owing in a great measure to the intense frost that prevailed at the time, it being the depth of winter”


Another found frozen to death at the bottom of a small precipice he had attempted again and again to scale with no success, eventually succumbing to the cold.


He was suspended to a long pole in full view of his comrades.


The head of another was put on a pole.

P.A Finan (p. 207) from Kingston, Oh Kingston!  (1987 ed. Arthur Britton Smith)