The Bee’s Knees


You’re the bee’s knees
You’re the pod’s peas

You’re the brook’s trout
You’re the bean’s sprout

You’re the forest’s trees
You’re the ocean’s breeze

You’re the whale’s fluke
You’re the moose’s toque

You’re the maple’s keys
You’re the snowflake’s freeze

You’re the bobcat’s meow
You’re the eagle’s eyebrow

You’re the pizza’s cheese
You’re the pepper’s sneeze

You’re the grizzly’s growl
You’re the wolf pack’s howl

You’re the triangle’s threes
You’re the square’s equal degrees

You’re the circle’s infinity
You’re everything to me.

What I’m trying to say
In this roundabout way

Is that you’re the bee’s knees.
Everyone agrees.

Or, I could say this instead
You’re the best thing since sliced bread.


Kingston-based illustrator Nick Csernak ( has created a series of fun and lively drawings to accompany this children’s poem and they are now published in a full-colour paperback.

The book can be previewed and purchased from, in either paper or digital format.

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We depend upon bees to pollinate flowers and crops – they are a vital member of our ecosystem.  But around the world, bee populations are in decline, primarily due to pesticide use and habitat destruction.   A dollar from each purchased copy of the book “You’re The Bees Knees” will be donated to associations dedicated to preserving global bee populations, including (

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