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I often refer to my son Griffin as the bee’s knees

This, understandably, causes some confusion.  What exactly is meant by comparing someone to the knees of a bee?  Is it good or bad?  A compliment or an insult?  This poem, The Bee’s Knees, is my attempt at some explanation.

The Bee’s Knees -Version 1.0 (Text of the current paperback)

The Bee’s Knees – Version 2.0 (Extended play, for slightly older audience – paperback version forthcoming)

Kingston-based illustrator Nick Csernak ( has created a series of fun and lively drawings to accompany the poem and they are now published in a full-colour paperback.  The book can be purchased from, in either paper or digital format.

We depend upon bees to pollinate flowers and crops – they are a vital member of our ecosystem.  But around the world, bee populations are in decline, primarily due to pesticide use and habitat destruction.   A dollar from each purchased copy of the book “You’re The Bees Knees” will be donated to associations dedicated to preserving global bee populations, including (

To view and purchase the book from

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